Feb 21, 2007

Bella Roma Pizza R.I.P.

for everyone that lives or grew up in Martinez you know about Bella Roma. I've written about it before.. its this kitschy old pizza place with a Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ. the organ has huge pipes, instruments and a wall of drum stuff that the organ player controls. The pipes and drums and xylophones and what not are like built into the structure of this place. its pretty impressive. they also have a large toy train set that runs on tracks over your head with a crossing and everything. They usually play Chattanooga choo choo while they run the train. until about 6 years ago the pizza was really good too. The long time owners sold out to some foreigners and the new people couldnt make a pizza to save their life. over time it's gotten better but its nothing like it was when i was a kid. I remember going with my dad to pick it up and peeling the foil back on the covered cardboard they would serve it in to sneak a pepperoni on the drive home. lots of memories in that place.

Its one of those places I haven't really gone to in a long time and have sort of taken for granted. mostly because the pizza isn't as good. Its always in the back of my mind and i drive by it all the time knowing its there and thinking about one day going there again for old times sake.

here's some video from when i was there last year.

The other day I drove passed it and noticed a sign out front. Expecting to see some promotion or maybe even another "under new management" message but this one I had to do a double take on. It said "Moving to 101 Main St." .. Moving?! how can Bella Roma Pizza move? they have all that crap... the train the organ, the xylophone in the wall.. the little ride cymbal mounted on the wall with a mechanical arm that makes a little drumstick move. how?!

I dunno what we can really do, i'm sure the ink is already dry on the deal. If you know downtown Martinez, i'm pretty sure 101 main st. is the old Main St. Tavern across from Pacifica Pizza. nice move morons. Pacifica OWNS the downtown pizza racket. unless they bring all the bells and whistles and seriously step up their pizza game i think this will be the end of a slow painful death for the Martinez institution, Bella Roma Pizza.
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