Dec 5, 2008

Im so embarrassed...

I blew my load on the monday photoblog. here's my shitty leftovers. a lot of arty this time. enjoy!

click for big

I kicked ass on the kitchen some last weekend...

lots of server and network difficulty this week.
(which contributed to all of the arty)

I got a nice present in the mail from an internet buddy too! he makes packaging fun. maybe he can get a job in the macy's giftwrap dept. this year.
I showed this to Hello Kitty Lady and she said "Awe he's cute.. and he talks!"
I said "no, he eats children". Then she said "ooh I need one of those. I have a couple children at home he can eat"
I love crazy hello kitty lady.

alright shit pantsers that's it. watch out for fog monsters.
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