Jul 31, 2009

Bartventures Part 3 the Finale.

Since I'm done with this job, sadly, there will no more Bartventures. So here's some memories from Bart.

For the last week there's been these black people, a family I think, dressed in suits sitting on the same bench at the Bart station every day holding up these binder/folder things. I've ignored them all week and didn't make eye contact in case it was something they were selling. Today I looked, and apparently they are selling something. Jehovah. They just sit there, silent and hold up Watchtower and Awaken magazines. What the fuck is the deal with religions that need to push their shit on everyone else. Fuck goats if you want to but don't try pushing your fucking bullshit on me. So creepy, just sitting there like fly paper, hoping someone walking by gets stuck.
how fucking pathetic. It's like they're obligated by their church to do that for a certain period of time or they wont get into heaven. I didnt know God needed a street team. (see Mormonism)

Also, at the same Bart station, two benches down there's a group of mentally challenged people waiting for the bus. They are rad. After Micheal Jackson died one of them was singing 'Beat It' but all retarded (pardon the phrase) "Beatit. Beatit.... Beatit, Beatit" no rhythm or melody. Bless him for the tribute tho. Today he was doing MJ dances. Also, there's two down syndrome women that must have gotten make-overs because they're all made up and shit. Rock on bus stop tards.

I've seen two business class little people. Today there was a really fat middle aged D&D nerd sitting two seats from me reading 'Runelords" and I think he farted. So gross. Part of me wishes it was the cute lady sitting in front of him, but odds are it was him.

A week ago my home-bound train came and it was overflowing with people so i said fuck it and waited for the next one. When that one came it was crowded too but I was like "I just waited 15 minutes for this one, I'm squeezing in" the driver came on and explained that there was an accident on one of the lines and they were backed up... then like three minutes later came on again but I think he was trying to contact the central office. "Can we get some station announcements about the delays, I've got a bunch of pissed off passengers on my train" oops lol. there was a light chuckle throughout my car. I made a joke but no one laughed. I guess theres an unwritten rule about contact with people you dont know on the train. so lame.

I think that's about it. No fights or drunk people. Just tired workin' folk.

Oh yea, to all you asshole 20-somethings that sit in the old people seats and dont ever get up. FUCK YOU! some punk ass hipster made a pregnant lady stand up. lame.

Thanks for the memories BART.

My Last Day

So today is my last day at HJW Geospatial. It was cool having a paycheck for the last month. oh well, back to craigslist and monster and unemployment.
Here's your pictures.

Someone drew (maybe on purpose) a giant cock and balls in this field.

last elevator ride

and to fill your cute quota for the week.KITTENS!!
their new condo.

hanging out

frankie is gonna be a big boy.

your supposed to shoot the bad guy.

Toys R Us used to be cool, WTF happened?

7:35AM puke. probably been there since 12:30AM

have a good weekend. if you know anyone hiring, I'm lookin.

Jul 30, 2009

Bartventures part 2.

It happened again yesterday. Being short on Bart fare and not having cash. (read next post) and of course it just happened to be the same lady working. I dont think she remembered me, and must have just taken a good shit or something because she wasnt a total bitch this time.

I wonder if those people are so butt-hurt all the time because they're bout to go on strike... Hey I got an idea. Hows about you shut the fuck up? At least you have a job! Go get laid off and you'll take your old not-good-enough Bart job back in a heartbeat.

anyway, there was a train operator the other day that sucked at English. I dont even know what his native tongue was but I was almost not even cohesive sentence structure.

-decipher this "Dabadikko Chan... Dabadigo bonchan.. "
that's what he sounded like - translation : "San Francisco train, San Francisco bound train"

"Yaba get szach'n " In the Earth language I speak: "Lafayette Station"
then when we got to Macarthur, he explained that it was a transfer station.. here's what that sounded like.... " IOsdopihoieohid890*(*^(uijkd hlks jd dkuhsiu3d iu xxxx fiud87gbd"

and like I said before I didn't really recognize the accent. He was like from Neptune or something.

ok that's my rant for now. oh and my new font, Blog, The Impaler debuted at #89 in the top 100. keep em comin!

Jul 28, 2009

Just one more thing to piss me off.

Why the fuck doesn't the BART station have the add-fare machines that take debit cards on the inside of the gates? Last week I came into my station a few bucks short, and with no cash. I use the outside machine to buy a $20 ticket with my debit cart, that lasts me most of the week, but when I get down to the end of that ticket I'm fucked. Silly me, I assumed that ALL the machines took debit cards, but NOOO! they dont. they make it so I have to fuck up bitchy-ass Bart lady's day.

I tell her what happened and she rolls her eyes and huffs her stupid ass out of her booth. "how short are you?" ugg I don't fucking know just put debit accepting fare machines in here so you can go back to picking your fat ass. Why is shit so fucking lame?

Draw Art Sketchbook

I finished a couple pieces I started in my sketchbook before I got laid off a couple months ago.

also, if you havent yet go to Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek. google it. I have art there.

Jul 24, 2009

Rusty Bar Pipes

Here's your damn photo Friday.

thanks dude.

working on a logo for a band. a cookie if you can read it.

doodle's are back

"be a flirt, lift your skirt" truckers dont give a fuck

random elevator find.

theater next door to the office I'm working at. pretty rad.

double urinal cakes.

Uhm, how about NO?

aliens invaded this McDonalds register.

Oakland, yea that's right.


Steve shredding in Shitty's backyard pool. I realized that I dont particularly like skating pools. Sorry Dog Town.

Holy July rainbow batman.

that's me!

My 4 year old nephew got a transformer for his birthday. I was stoked to play with it since i hadnt transformed a transformer since 3rd grade. Holy fuck they are difficult now. there's no way in hell this thing should be recommended for ages 5 and up. It took me 15 minutes to transform and then 13 seconds for Xander to break the arms off and get bored with it. "Make it a robot!!" so I transform it back then "NOOOO I WANT IT TO BE A CAR!!" ugg.

Seriously people? He died like 3 weeks ago.

I'm a Barter.

later, see you next week. We pick up Rocko and Franklin tomorrow!

Jul 21, 2009

A death in the family.

For those of you expecting a Friday Photo Blog last week, I'm sorry to say that out beloved cat Piglet, whom I've blogged about on many occasions passed away Thursday night. As some of you may remember back in August of last year he got very sick. Since then we'd been taking care of him and giving him pills twice a day. We thought moving into our new house in September would freak him out and make him worse, but the hardwood floors, and more space to run around awarded him a very happy, fun, and energetic last year to his life.

Thursday I came home from work and he was lying on the floor in the doorway to the bedroom, an unusual spot for him to stop and hand out. Then he belted out a very uncomfortable meow. A meow he gives when something is wrong. He was panting heavily like he did when he got sick nearly 11 months earlier. I called meg and then noticed his back leg wasnt working which meant he had thrown a clot. It's what the doctor said would happen eventually. This is a sign that his sickness had taken its course and was now terminal.

Meg came home and we knew we had to do what we had planned since last year. The only humane thing, to put him to sleep. We packed him in his crate one last time and took him in to the emergency vet and said our goodbyes.

This shit sucks and has been hard on both of us, but mostly for Meg, who nursed him as a wild kitten and pretty much has been the only human, or animal he showed affection for. The house feels empty.

We didnt waste any time tho, we've picked out 2 kittens to adopt, Franklin and Rocko. We pick them up on Saturday. They look alike but arent brothers. They were fostered together and have become buddies so we didn't want to take one without the other.

here's the kittens (we changed Cowboys name to Franklin)

So as we welcome our new arrivals, we must say rest in peace to Piggy. He lived a long and happy 17 years.

You'll have to wait till Friday for photo Friday.