Mar 26, 2010

job interview... sike!

I had a job interview lined up for a place that's practically down the street from me. Then they called to say they already hired someone else. Man! I put gel in my hair and everything.

anyway, here's the photonogz you were looking for.

logo i did.
original dog i drew, they said "make it meaner and tougher" I'm going to hell.

new skaterboard.
I did the design and came up with the concept to use Cab's artwork. my original on the bottom, final product on top. I was pretty much just suggesting that Powell should be using Cab's artwork. They ended up making em and I just got the finished product delivered this week.

here's some close-ups of the print. looks like they used the low-res jpg I sent cab and replaced his painting and the powell logo then rearranged some stuff.

from a distance it looks fine. plus it's a skateboard.
disposable art.

doodle i did in line at WinnCo on the back of my grocery list.

Went to Ms.Tessa's the other night and saw this displayed on her wall. One of the coolest thing's I've seen in a while. then she said she made it. RAD.

this is Tessa, drunk in the back of my car. bitch please.

Rocko trying to escape.

no bad kids. no bad parents. or no shopping cart midget orgies.

Frank, the Tank. tank with laser beam eyes.

I want to get this tattooed on my shaft when I turn 50.

nothing says "class" like a beer bottle cap mosaic of the MGD logo on your coffee table.
now it's a party.

went to Derby for the 2nd annual S&B Derby-Skate-a-Q.
oldest concrete skatepark in California.

started the day at the Wave skatepark in SantaCruz. It felt good to roll around with good friends.

here's a vid i made of myself taking a run at Derby.

stopped at the SantaCruz Boardroom skateshop on the way. they have the raddest collection of OG skateboards and skate art on display.

Jim Phillips originals. If i had money, I would be dangerous in there.


naked tee hee.


Brian and Kelly were cleaning out my parents "Junk drawer" and found this relic of Martinez rock-n-roll history.

ok knob gobblers.. it's Friday, party like it's Saturday!

Mar 17, 2010

Irish Stereotype Day!

Green beer, Leprechauns, bad Irish accents, alcohol abuse, rainbows and other racist shit.

ok now that that's out of the way, here's some completely unrelated pictures of crap.
(now with more witty captions!)

some more Blackberry theme action

the icon dock hides away when you scroll up
transparent menu tabs

this one is for meg.

for me.

for fun.

weird place to fall asleep Francis.

"Hullo, Jadeouse"
best take-out chinese in the 94565. Heavy emphasis on take-out. I dont suggest staying there any longer than you have to.

new font? eh, nah. that will take too long.

clever idea! but there's no goofy bottle topper clever enough to get me to eat ketchup. (the ketchup one came out of the dude's nose)


Mushroom Village. funny later that day we went and saw Alice In 3D Wonderland.
it was pretty good. the 3D glasses make the movie too dark tho.


trees, stump, sun

trees, dirt, rock bbq

dirt, trees, sun



DEATH BEACH!!this is where a dog pee'd on my mom.

"your favorite band sucks"
.. oh dont you know it. I have been wanting to put this on a shirt forever.
drunk bar guy beat me to it.


$40 on craigslist. (frame)


fires suck.

gave em some catnip. they were hella wasted. violent drunks tho

hey how bout you NOT put TV in my gas pump and make my gas cheaper. assholes.

It even sounds unpleasant.

old Chevrolet billboard.

Richard Petty's fatter older homlesser twin.

planning their escape

the nightime is the righttime.

ok that's it. Lost is still pissing me off. but thankfully Breaking Bad is coming back next week. That show kicks so much ass.

later tater.