Sep 16, 2011

Hey, Do You Speak English?

There's alot of retired people at the mall on weekday mornings. They like to talk. To anyone that will listen. Usually they have rad stories which is cool but sometimes it's random.

So today meg and I are at Sears waiting for her tire to get fixed and we were checking out vacuums. What, yea we need a new fucking vacuum. Out of nowhere this roundish old man with bushy eyebrows walks up to us and says, "hi, do you speak English? " huh? Yeah what a weird question right. So, satisfied with our understanding of the official national language he proceeded to tell us a story/joke . I don't totally remember but it was something that ended with a pseudo racist punch line about Datsun. We courtesy laughed then he said have a nice day and walked away.

Wtf? So random. The part that was the most odd was when he opens with 'do you speak English? ' how many randoms did he solicit with his lame joke before us, that didn't speak English?

Also the Sears auto center in Concord sucks all my balls. Rude, and took 3 hours to fix 2 punctured tires they said would take one hour. Fuck that place in the face!