Mar 18, 2013

How 'Bout Some Photos?

Did I mention ever that my entire SD card was erased a few months ago? yea, that sucked. Anyway, I'm gonna be getting a new phone pretty soon, so, here's some of what I gots. 

Waycooler app from Alex Pardee. look it up.

 old school

 this dude was sweating. jamming hard. he was doing Black Magic Woman when I took this. 

 oh yea, we moved to BigFoot country. .. or Weed Country if you're into that. 

 Last X-Mas at the Pittsburg house   :-(

 Casino has a cig machine. so weird. 

 LOL clever. 

 all of our trinkets ready to be packed up for the move

 goofing on DELL boxes

 on our way up to our new home. 


 this is the sunrise from our new kitchen

 empty pittsburg house. 

 The famous, Samoa Cookhouse. if you know what this is, you know where we moved too. 

 we have a Bruce down!

 Matty.....DOWN!!! (new house has a gas fireplace)

 Matty in training for Whisker Wars

 WAX VAC! lol have you seen the commercial?  "OW!!!"  lol 

 Goodbye Dish, Hello DirecTV.  still getting used to it. 

 Walkies in the new hood. 

 Ghost Bruce.

 Hit the Eureka Skatepark. It rains alot tho. 

 Pickle Burrito anyone? 

 Frankie and Rocko checking out the new diggs. 


This place is down the street. You might have heard of it.  

 When you find the Zoltar machine as an adult, "I wanna be big" is a completely different wish. 

 baby Pabst. 

 All I see is dildo football. 

real corn dog.  

 I promptly set the high score on this. Still on my list of furnishings for my mansion when I get rich. 

 doodles on pink paper, with a pink pencil.  

 It's what's for dinner.

 Oh so remember the cursed house I used to live next to?  The giant turd we put up with for 5 years? Well, right when we figure out we have to move someone bought it and fixed it up. WTF is that shit? Whether the curse has been lifted or not is still to be determined.

 Big motherfucking trees up here. 

 2nd week here it hailed like a mofo. and the shit didnt melt so it looked like snow. weather!

 Mystery Machine... you're doing it wrong!

 All Terrain Rape Vehicle. 


Tweaker-ass electrical work in the Winco Men's room. 

 real bees? in a grocery store? 


 mad dog... grrr

 Breaking Bad art I made. 

 Kickin' Back

 Feax Phở made with Top Ramen,.

 Lifehacked cafe au lait. Shake milk bottle vigorously and pour foam on top of coffee. 
 Batman is a Mopar guy.

 This guy, is a weirdo. 

 Cheese Factory

 The first good carnitas I've had since we've been up here. 

 3rd place in the Kirk's Penis Look Alike Contest.   

 what are the chances?  this smaller tree fell, and landed right dead center onto the larger tree. Nature rules.

Are these a gag candy?  I hope they realize this is the candy equivalent of toothpaste and orange juice.   

 foggy days

 Rocko got KrUnKeD!

 the line between Dog toys and Sex toys is narrowing.  

 Hung out with some chicks. 

 I managed to make the worst birthday cake ever made. 

No I do not want to go for a ride on your boat.  thanks. Ass rape guaranteed   

 I picked up the bottle to double check that I just in fact read "Dom Perignon" at Costco, then meg says "Hey be careful that's a $130 bottle"  yikes. Classy

 Very creative use of an exercise bike.  also notice the other end is a punching bag stand.  use what you got. 

 Yesterday I saw this commercial for "Ambervision" sunglasses. Dude these are full on Blue Blockers. Stop trying to pretend that you totally didn't buy an old shipping container full of blue blockers left over from the 80s. Ambervision. Lol so innovative.

 Homemade onion rings!! a boss!

 Matty .......DOWN!!!!!!!  again! 

 Someone brought their pet turkey to the coffee shop. 

we had to get a new microwave too.