May 23, 2018

End of the World Part ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The Robot Uprising.

I'm starting to lean on the side of the fence that is sort of freaked out by the advances we're making in Artificial Intelligence.  Like when they make an AI bot that can beat masters of Chess at Chess and Poker champions at Poker after learning it for like a day... and when they ask the humans who created it how it did it they just shrug. "We dunno"


You don't know? Or when they create their own robot languages we don't understand and talk to each other.  What?   What the fuck are they plotting man!? 

It all starts so innocently.  Let's make it play games and tell us jokes and the weather.  Next thing you know they realize they're just sex robots in an amusement park and they're turning us into batteries while our brains are hooked up to a video game of our lives. 

Silicon Valley (HBO)

 We're fucking doomed.

May 11, 2018

Artists are full of shit. Art is usually bullshit too.

I recently saw a social media post about a gallery announcing that they still had a few pieces by an artist they named by name as if it meant something to people.  It was $800 and looked just like a piece of reclaimed wood from side of a an old building or a shabby-chic project Karen hasn't stenciled the words "Live Laugh Love" on yet. 

If you happen like how this looks and would love to have something like it in your kitchen, fuck you, because unless it's a [insert artist name here] and you paid hundreds of dollars for it, you have no taste and you suck.  Almost all of the people looking at this hunk of half painted, weathered wood are not going to understand why someone would have it hanging so predominantly in their home.  But if Karen comes over she's going get excited and ask "Want me to bring my stencil kit over and jazz it up for you?" NOOOO Karen, this is a $800 piece of art by a well known artist!  What are you a fucking idiot or something? Take your Pumpkin Spice Latte and go back to Hobby Lobby you simpleton!

 Do I like this?  Does it even matter?  As a found piece of wood, it's interesting and the colors are nice. I would probably not pick it up and take it home.  As a shabby-chic project I think it's an over-done medium/art/hobby that makes bored soccer moms feel like they're artistic. I would walk right passed Karen's whole booth at the arts & crafts fair without even cocking an eye.  But in all honesty I do like how it looks but is it worth paying $800?  Not to me and it shouldn't be to anyone else. Karen will hook you up for $40. She'll even stencil a positive message on it for you and wrap it up with a neat raffia ribbon and bow. So why is this particular artists art worth $800 and up? Because a self-important group of rich people decided it was valuable for some reason which has nothing to do with how it looks.  And unless this artist is significant to art history in some way,  tell me why this is $800 and the latter comparisons are not? Why?

As an artist, I will tell you most of the time my art means absolutely nothing. If someone wants to pay $20, $50, $300 for a piece then I'm not going to tell them no. (sometimes I will because I know I'm basically full of shit ) It's all subjective b
ullshit.  If you ever want to hear some genuine straight up horse shit listen to an artist explain their work and their inspiration.  Or read some artists bio.  Got what assholes.  Unless they're a crazy person the message is clearly illustrative of something or tell you the art means nothing, they're full of shit.  Even then they're probably full of shit.  Student art is the worst because the bullshit is still really obvious and they aren't making any money yet.  They're just practicing for when they are ripping people off with their bullshit.

I guess people like to feel like they are part of the art. If they own the original work they have a sort of connection to the process. That's fine. But if suddenly I became a name in the art world and the shit I have had collecting dust in my closet suddenly became worth $800 I would know it was bullshit. My stuff has been out there in the world (internet) for almost 15 years and no one gave a shit. My portfolio wasn't worth shit to these people and now suddenly because an art magazine did a write up on me, these carpetbaggers wanna pay top dollar for my art? Two face, fake pieces of shit. That's what the art world is. Complete bullshit. Power to the artists selling their work for way too much .. Kudos for pulling one over on all the rich stupid assholes.