May 23, 2019


I keep seeing posts from a woman in my Facebook feed talking about her upcoming wedding. You can see the level of frustration with the stupidity of her friends upon each new post.
First I see a post that goes something like, "Hello all, please don't forget to RSVP if you want to come to our wedding we have limited space" A bit passive-aggressive but not outright rude. You can tell she cares if her friends come to her wedding or not and would like to make sure they get a chance to RSVP.
Then a day later I see a post that says something like this "waving at me and saying you cant wait for my wedding when you see me in the Winco parking lot does not count as an RSVP. If you were sent an invite please RSVP as per the instructions on the invitation" Clearly more aggressive than passive and the irritation is clear here, but she includes the proper information just incase they didn't understand the proper method to RSVP.
Then later that week I see a post that says something on the lines of, "...a Facebook post or liking my Facebook wedding post is NOT an RSVP, please use the invitation I sent you!" At this point she's probably wondering why she invited these idiots in the first place.
Unfortunately for her this is the world we live in now. Motherfuckers get off your ass and use a god damn envelope. You know these lazy, oblivious fucks are gonna show up all dressed up and when they get turned away complain and say "but I nodded to you and smiled in traffic that time" .... " but, but, I hearted your wedding post on Facebook" "but I ... " but... buy you DIDNT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS LIKE I SAID ... welcome to real life. This is probably why you cant hold a job you piece of shit.
Sorry to the person who was posting these I didn't mean to insult your friends but it speaks loudly about the complacency and selfishness of society today.