Jul 28, 2013

As Seen on TV

With all the press recently about Google's new Chromecast I was reminded of something similar that I saw at Target called Rabbit TV. Automatically when we see As Seen on TV on products we assume it's a scam so I did some (very little) digging. Just as I suspected the ads are somewhat misleading.  According to digitaltrends.com it's not  just $10. It's also $10 a year, and all it really does is take every available, free (and legal) streaming TV, movie and radio content from the internet and put it in an east to navigate menu. It isnt much of a complete replacement for actual cable/satellite TV, but if you have a fast internet connection and a new/fast computer and you arent really picky about new episodes or new releases, this could be for you. The article also warns about shady billing and possible invasive software installs. 

Here's a review of Rabbit TV. 

I still don't know much about google's #chromecast so I'll do my best to explain how it's different from RabbitTV. First of all, Chromecast uses HDMI which connects directly to your TV where Rabbit TV uses USB and connects to your computer, and seems like no more than a flash drive that installs the software on your computer. Chromecast from what I understand, uses wifi and pulls app content from your computer.or mobile device. so like if you have Netflix or Youtube on your phone, you can watch it on your big ass HDTV.  Not entirely sure how this is much different from having a SmartTV (Tv connected to the internet with apps) or Roku or a Smart Blu Ray player yet.  I'm assuming just like RabbitTV, you'd need a fast internet connection to really enjoy it.  At $35 and no monthly or annual fee or monthly fee, other than what you already pay for Netflix, Hulu etc, it sounds like a pretty rad little device.  Also they say it's sourcecode (API) is open to anyone so feasibly, every content provider could eventually be compatible with Chromecast.  I have 2 TV's one is a SmartTV and the one in the bedroom is only connected to my cable. I could get a Chromecast and have the same access to internet media for $35. Not a bad deal. 

Basically, RabbitTV is kind of a turd flash drive designed to sort-of rip off old people and stupid housewives. Chromecast is for people who understand web based entertainment media and want it on their TV.

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