Jun 12, 2010

Happy belated 6-11 2010

So, I know its saturday but if i had posted yesterday it would have been a happy 6-11 post.

Here's some pictures


this one never gets old.

the sweat shop where I work.


tape zombies.

junk mail art

sweet unauthorized Foster's Freeze garbage can logos. nice one!

pee. cock. saw this near the Freeway on ramp in Martinez/Franklin Canyon.

yes, yes it is.

Pork & Crack? sounds like a party.

everyone, meet Bruce. we pick him up next friday!
Full blooded Basset Hound!

he has the longest ears of the litter!

he's also feisty!

the breeder/owner of parents are calling him Batman temporarily, first thing i thought of to name him was Bruce Wayne. so his full name will be Bruce Wayne Newton Waffles The first.

Why we even need to have signs like this gives me no hope for the future.

contest entry.

Pandora has helped me get through the days. Remembering music I forgot I really liked.

discovered a rad band with an even radder name.

Have a summer.

Jun 4, 2010

Hot Chocolate Friday

It's 6:45 am and It's hot already. Melt with me while we look at some pictures.

listening to a lot of MP3's at work now on my Berry. stoked Megadeth!

I entered an art contest, I'll let you know how that goes.

short but sweet, hopefully see you next week. stay Fonzie this summer.