Jul 19, 2010

Corrupted Corrupt

My art was featured in the newest issue of Corrupt Magazine! I dont know why though because I thought it was a total bullshit doodle I did on a post-it right before I threw it away. but party on, excellent for them being into it enough to publish it. One man's trash/art is another mans treasure/art.

It's pretty cool tho, there's some really big names on the other pages in there. Sean Cliver and my buddy Alex "ToiletTown" Duke. You should check it out.

click image for bigger

more at www.corruptmag.com

Jul 15, 2010

Graphic Design Jobs and the declining landscape of America.

First of all after looking for design jobs I keep seeing ads looking for designer slash... something else. Too many employers looking for designer slash employees. As if being creative is something any I.T. Guy, programmer or receptionist can do. Design needs to be its own job. Why is it such a problem to have a design dept only do design, why do employers think that's not enough. Why do they have to be the utility employee?

You have a bunch of assholes taking those generic design school classes that treat graphic design like welding or carpentry. They are ruining the graphic design craft, taking jobs from artists (while charging way too much for bullshit work).

That's why America looked so much cooler in the 60's people actually valued style. Commercially anyway. Everything now is fake brick, stuccoed styrafome, beige and mauve colored cardboard. Everything looks the same in backlit fluorescent Arial font boxes.. You know all that really cool vintage signage they dig for and sell for lots of money on that show American Pickers? You'll never see a show like that in 50 years with dudes pining after vintage 2003 vinyl lettering stuck to plastic.

It's a shame... And no one gives a shit. It's all about making money now and not about making a quality product. Greed, capitalism... it's fucking up everything.

and the Oil mother fucking spills.

Crackberry.com theme review!

One of my themes was featured in the Crackberry.com theme round up! check it out.

eleven_w2 by kirksucks


Anyone who frequent the CB theme forums should have run across this dev and his creations at some point. If yuou haven't make sure you make that a priority to do so immediately, as he makes some seriously fantastic themes. This one in particular features two homescreen slots at the top, and 11 user-defined mini icons in a hidden dock. Clean, crisp, and fully skinned, with some awesome transparent menus, this is a free theme that will satisfy even the most demanding of users. Available OTA from his site, where you will find several other quality themes for your perusal.

more of my themes at berrynoggins.blogspot.com

thanks Crackberry.com!!

Jul 2, 2010

Bruce Wayne

this is a photo friday. not much time so no captions, figure it out yourselves assholes.

or mel gibson will punch you in the face.