Feb 12, 2011

OPEN SIGN - Art on First Napa Ca.

this is my piece for:
" a faux store that sold only OPEN signs, as if the will to attract more businesses to First Street would emanate from my storefront. I looked at historic photographs of Napa—when signs jutted out over bustling streets—recalling a more flourishing era. I turned to 20 local artists to create one-of-a-kind OPEN signs demonstrating the importance of artists’ role in revitalizing this city. I also borrowed antique signs from collectors and flea markets to honor the past, and from professional sign makers at New Bohemia Signs in San Francisco. All are available for purchase to support the artists."

Contributing Artists

Oscar Aguilar, AKO, Bill Concannon, Hugo Corro, Olivia Everett, Tracy Fitzgerald, Peter Hassen, Cheryl Laube, Mark Mattioli, New Bohemia Signs, Marcus Collar, Manda Moon Reyes, Valerie Raven, Susan Sharman, Tim Sharman, Chris Ford, Marie Shelly, Kirk Shelton, Marnie Spencer, Thea Witsil, Melissa Baker, Mercedes Baker, Daithi"

As Part of:

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