Apr 6, 2011

Aint that Some Shit?

Followers of Sloppy Mind Noggins say: "Hey asshole you should blog more" Hey why don't you follow me on Twitter and stop bitching. I'm @kirkiscool and I tweet like 20 times a day, mostly pictures of the crappy doodles I do on the lunch breaks my arting has been reduced to now.

Yea, I know. You should read this post from a couple months ago http://kirknoggins.blogspot.com/2010/09/bloging.html it pretty much explains it. Anyshoe back to business, as the title says I'm gonna plug some shit.

Since my internet experience is limited to what i can get on my Blackberry I've been listening to stuff.... LOTS of stuff. And since I jumped on the digital music purchase bandwagon I gots some new tunes to jam in the earphones.

Got the new Glassjaw EP. It's pretty awesome but its only like 4 songs so I get bored of it quick.

The new Korn is better than I expected it to be. It was definitely worth the Daily Deal price of 2.99.

The latest offering from Dillinger Escape Plan is more of the same shit since they got the new singer. It's better than the last one tho. I dig it.

Rediscovered my fondness for Drum&Bass music. Picked an album at random essentially and like it alot. its Mr.Kickass by TRS-80. how can you go wrong with an album called Mr.Kickass? you cant. unless you're a member of Black Eyed Peas, Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift, because then you'd just be a fucking liar.

I re-got an album I had back in the early 00's and have since lost called Terraforming by a pretty unknown but completely underrated band, The Postman Syndrome. fuck me that is a rad album. Everthing else by them and some new band they formed after TPS broke up has paled in comparison and I really don't give a shit about it because Terraforming is fucking bad ass like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Got some old Bjork. Bjork is like Beastie Boys status if you know what I mean. so good.

A friend at work burned me couple disks of death metal mp3's. You know I loves me some death metal but out of the 15 or so bands on these CD's I think 2 of them are good. The rest is just the same tired bullshit. So if you dig blast beating cookie monster shit, check out Necrophagist and Jack Slater. But dont ruin them like I did by watching live videos of them on YouTube. what a let down. I had this mental picture in my head of Necrophagist... dude just the name alone conjours visions of long black straight hair, eye makeup and spikey shit on their arms. Fog machines and fake heads impaled on upside down crosses around them on stage... but no, they look like a group of geeks in Meshugga t-shirts who took guitar lessons and play D&D in their parents garage. So when you listen to them, erase what I just told you about them.

I also have been getting into podcasts. I started with the Secret Show. It's Sarah & Vinnie from the Alice morning radio show I've mentioned on the noggins before. They talk about shit they cant on the radio and its pretty funny. If you dont listen to them on the radio normally it might not be as rad, but I'm into it. Alice sucks as a radio station otherwise.

Just started listening to Greg Proops' Smartest Man in The World podcast. He's a smart dude. or at least he uses a lot of big words that makes him sound like it. I like the cut of his jib, and if he posts anything after his last one (March 9th c'mon dude!) I'll listen more for sure.

The first actual podcast I started listening to is the Live Free Podcast by an art acquaintance of mine Mike Maxwell. It's a pretty unique show in that, he interviews other artists and creative types and amongst many other things like MMA, drug culture, spirituality and politics, he discusses art and what it is to be creative. He's up to like 40 interviews with creative people in his very casual and conversational style including the likes of Mike Giant(mike giant), Shaney Jo Darden(keep-a-breast), Alex Pardee(Sucker Punch) and John Trippe(fecalface.com). I'm hooked and hate it when he lags on posting because his feet hurt from his stupid ninja lessons or whatever.

so that's whats in my ears lately. if you have any suggestions let me know.

Other than that, I'm trying to get some work from a well known skateboard company. We're in talks. It's mostly me replying 1000 times to their one email. whatever. I also have an art show. yea dude. It's in september at Steeltown Coffee & tea in Pittsburg. (no H) I haven't painted shit for it and I'm kinda nervous because its gonna be up for 3 months in a place of business. I'm not saying i have to compromise my style but it's gotta be appropriate for a coffee shop in the middle of town. I see it as a challenge i guess.

Oh yea in case you cheap fucks forgot, I am still have hella crap on the internet for sale.

and as always

Also, click that fucking Google Ad shit so i can get some revenue. otherwise its just annoying and pointless.

Please support me. that would be rad. thanks.

PS: Go Giants. oh yea and while were talking about the World Champion San Francisco Giants, I need to point out that they aren't winning very many games so far this season. I blame Brian Wilson's fucking retarded-ass beard. It was cool last year because he's a wild card and it was the post season and everything but dude, its 2011, you started the season on the DL, and your team isnt winning. Time to let it go holmes. On the other hand, loving the Zito mustache, keep that train rolling.