Aug 25, 2012

Was TouchWiz really worth it?

So I was looking into the actual patents that Apple was accusing Samsung of, and was curious as to why they were picking on Samsung specifically when most smartphones are a rectangle with round edges and a rectangular shape with a flat glass screen on one side and most smartphones that aren't iphones run Android as the base operating system. But Samsung, like HTC and Motorolla put their own redesigned look on top of Android. HTC calls theirs Sense, and Samsung has Touchwiz. Here's where the patent D '305 comes in. It focuses on a grid of rounded square icons against a black background. Which is clearly iphone. There's a reason the Galaxy Nexus isnt included in the list of violating devices, because it doesnt run Touchwiz. It keeps with the stock or "Vanilla" version of Google's Android operating system. Google even warned Samsung that Touchwiz takes too much from iphone but I've read Samsung knew it and wanted to be like iphone.  So way to shoot yourself in the foot Samsung.  The other patents deal with features that really, every smartphone has. Pinch-to-zoom, double tap to center, and the ever so petty, bounce at the end of a page. So get ready for the shit storm because basic stuff that has become standard, apparently apple invented. Samsung could have probably avoided all of this with licencing of most of this stuff, but the Touchwiz thing really pissed off Apple. They knew it would and got their ass handed to them.  Touchwiz, sucks anyway in my opinion so I ask again... was Touchwiz really worth it Sammy?

This is also a funny image I found. I dont know how the jury let this slip.