Sep 11, 2012

No Sushi For You!

Just discovered a newish, not horrible Japanese/sushi restaurant near my house. The only time we ate at the actual restaurant we saw the guy go out to his car and brought back a bullhorn. I was like is he going to a protest or something? So we're eating and we hear bullhorn noises. 'Bwoooop" "boonnngk" then like 30 seconds later we hear what sounds like a cross between a car alarm and a smoke alarm. Beep beep beel beep. Then the dude comes out yelling "fire alarm. Fire alarm!" in a heavy Japanese accent. We were like what the hell? He's holding a large serving tray with a large sushi roll in foil with flames. Real fire! We all quickly searched the menu on the wall for what this flaming concoction could be. Almost in unison we both exclaimed "Flaming Dragon Roll!" lol this place is awesome.

Fast forward to last night when we had our new mattress delivered. With the knowledge that there's a new sushi place in town, while we waited we planned to have take out from the previously mentioned restaurant. It was set, our stomachs were planning to get savory deliciousness. We had our take-out menu ready to go with our selections. It was 8:15, the menu says they close at 9, so,with my order script memorized, I gave them a ring. Ring.... Ring.... Ring.... I thought "well maybe they're busy" so I drove there. Nothing was going to ruin the dinner our mental taste buds had prepared for!

As I circle around to the front all I see is darkness behind the sign reading "hours of business: mon-sat 10:00am-9:00pm"

WTF? It's 8:30...i want some fucking Japanese food!

Now what? How can you just not be open when you say you're going to be open?

We cooked pasta with sauce from a jar. :-\

still don't totally hate this place. We'll give it another chance.