Jan 2, 2013

The Trouble, with Trouble With The Curve

I recently watched Trouble With The Curve. It's hopefully Clint Eastwood's last movie. I don't even know why I'm even wasting my time writing a review of this turd. Now don't get me wrong, I love a baseball movie as much as the next guy but seriously, who writes this crap?

Its like there's a script template for rom-com/rom-droms that the director takes, and just switches out secondary plot condiments to make a new movie. This shit was so predictable it hurt.

Here's my breakdown: "hey peanut boy" with the rocket arm who's going to get the contract at the last minute and make the douche-bag prospect look stupid sometime later in the movie. Hey look it's Justin Timberlake who's gonna sweep the only woman in the movie off her feet at just the perfect time. Hey look at this Blackberry (when was this filmed 2007?) that is a symbol for the job I don't really want because obviously I'm going to be a baseball scout, I'm going to throw into the dumpster right here that's conveniently placed in the shot.  Hey Clint, you're clearly too old to be making movies still, but your character has instincts that slap the movie Money Ball right in the face. Computers Shmumewterz!  Old-man baseball shaman instincts that will clearly show up That-guy-we-havent-seen-since-the-first-Scream-Movie who's character was designed to make us hate him and have our emotions perfectly fulfilled at the end of the movie. Don't forget the lighthearted quip at the end of the movie by the surly main character. whip-cream, cherry, done!

OMG what a waste of time. You really don't need to watch this movie  passed the part where the mexican kid throws the peanuts