Jun 17, 2014

Guy Ate Here

So Guy Fiero was in my town filming some Triple D last year and sort of made a mental note of the places I'd heard he visited so we could check them out later.  I was surprised initially to hear he was even here because Humboldt from our experience is pretty much a culinary wasteland.   Turns out he's from here. Ferndale Ca. to be exact. Just 20 mins down the highway.  The coolest thing I can think of about Ferndale is that Salems Lot was filmed there. 

So, that came and went. Fast forward to two weeks ago. Meg and I make a trip down to Ferndale to get a sticky bun from this place we'd been to once before.  It was a hole in the wall we stumbled into with some friends from out of town some months ago. We had no expectations but this sticky bun was like a gangbang of deliciousness in your mouth.  So finally we'd made some time for ourselves and slightly rearranged out schedule to get the same day off, woke up early and went to Ferndale.  We get there and it's closed.  Apparently because they were moving into a new location down the street. We looked for somewhere else to go but just about every other place was either
here's a close up
closed or only took cash. You all know how I feel about that bullshit. With that trip a total bust we tried again the following week because thems sticky buns were calling us.  We went back down there early, got our sticky bun, which was technically a Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll.  It was as good as we remembered.  Then we noticed the Guy Fieri autographed poster and thought "yea this place is legit, good thing he came here" 
 So as we're walking through town we notice all these "Guy Ate Here"  stenciled signs.  We're both like "OH YEA!"  He was here last year filming shit.   

But we remembered that some of the places we'd made a mental note of that we had already been to in the short time living here, and didn't think they were all that special.  Come to think of it, even back in the Bay Area we actually went out of our way to try a couple DDD places and thought they were mediocre at best.  

So, if you've tried Guy's recommendations and thought he was full of shit, try Humboldt Sweets. It's the real deal.  

Sidenote: he went to Lolita Cheese Factory too and that doesn't suck. Also, Halloween III was filmed there.  Maybe there's a connection between 80's cult horror and good food in Humboldt. 

Jun 15, 2014

Don't Talk Yet... It's a movie

Does it bug anyone else when in movies or TV when people leave an office or somewhere where something critical happens and they don't talk about it until they're about to get into the car?  Like the whole walk down the hallway, the elevator ride, the walk across the lobby, in the parking garage stairs, the walk across the parking lot, while standing on the curb waiting for the cab... All that time they didn't talk about the big thing that happened just before that we all know both of them wanted to talk about.  They wait until they get to the car.

I know this works better for the scene but it just bugs me.  It just seems so forced and fake. 

Jun 6, 2014

Got Caught Stealin'

The other day at work I caught someone shoplifting.  There have been times in the past while working at the hardware store that I've witnessed unsavory characters attempt to steal and saw managers confront or escort people out but I've never caught somone red handed.

I was standing at our counter that faces the aisle with the higher priced tools and I saw a scruffy older man with baggy, dirty pants and a long shirt.  We have many legitimate customers who come from job sites who look scruffy so I'm not quick to assume he's a homeless tweaker.  They usually are tho.  Anyway.. he reaches for a $50 pair of wire cutters, turns away from me and proceeds to shove them down the front of his pants.  I dont know if he saw me there at first but as he turned to check he saw me looking right at him from 12 feet away.  I said "hey, you gonna pay for that?"  in the tone of  did you seriously just do that right in front of me? He sheepishly said a bunch of "aww I wasnt gonna do that.. aww"  while he pulled a 12 x 7 inch package from his 24 inch inseam dungarees.  I expected to see the top sticking up from his belt when he lifted his shirt but he got that thing ALL the way down in there.  That's when I noticed his belt was loosened up for easy stuffing.  I told him "If you really want to buy these I can take them up to the register for you... but you cant be putting stuff down your pants man"  He handed me the item and walked off.  At this time my co-worker was tracking him through the main aisle of the store and he was gone in a flash.

Jun 2, 2014

To Boldly Not Suck Where Many Have Sucked Before

After Transformers I'd lost all hope that someone could make a remake of a classic series and not fuck it up. And when I heard the genius behind LOST was going to make StarTrek I didn't give it much thought.  I saw it and liked it but I realized the more I watch the new StarTrek movies, the less I hate JJ Abrams. These movies are really good.   He really did reboot the characters of the original in the best possible way.  It's not just another shitty remake.  It's not even really a remake. It's a brand new timeline. 

The way he set it up allows for new stories but still following the canon of the original.  Also he was very clever using just enough time travel to set it up without falling too far into the difficulty and trappings of writing time travel. 

It almost gives me a new hope that the Star Wars movie won't totally blow.

The LOST ending still sucked tho.  I don't think I'll ever get over that. Although I lay most of the blame on Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for that shit.