Jul 13, 2017

Silence Your Fucking Phone

Have you ever been somewhere and someone's phone starts ringing and is clearly interrupting something? We all have. Have you ever been in this situation when the owner of the phone just lets it ring and keeps on talking to you. Or you're in a theater or other place that requires you to silence your phone and they spend way too much time trying to unlock the phone to swipe the ignore icon? Or worse, they acknowledge the ring, see who it is and then actually tell you that they don't want to talk to the person calling .. But then let it keep ringing?

Chances are the people who do this have obnoxious ring tones.

The movie theater one happened to me recently. Some baby-boomer had to dig through her purse then unlock it and figure out which button doesn't answer it and...... Ugg. It rang 6 times.

Some of you need a refresher course. (or show this to your parents)
For iPhone just press the sleep/wake button. Ta-da silence!
For pretty much everything else press just about any button on the phone (volume, home, power) and the ringer will stop.

It's not that hard. You're being rude.

Jul 1, 2017

OKJAAAAAAAAA: Another Movie Review

I had read and heard about this new Netflix movie Okja.  I really had no idea what it was about only that it had a couple known actors and it was coming from the Snowpiercer director Bong Joon Ho.  I put it in my Remember to Watch This database in the back of my head.  Last night some friends and I were talking about new Netflix stuff and Okja came up.  We ended up streaming it last night and I have a couple things to say about it.  POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD.  not that it's got any big twists... just incase.

Basic premise:  A company supposedly discovers a new species of mammal they call Superpigs. In an ad campaign to promote this as a way to feed the world in the future, they send a baby Superpig to a handful of farmers around the world to compete in raising the best one. The "Best Superpig" is to be chosen in 10 years time. The story takes place after the 10 years has passed. It follows a young Korean girl who's spent most of her life, with her Grandfather raising and befriending Okja, the Superpig in a remote mountain village in Korea.  Representatives from the company come to take Okja back to America but Mija isnt having it. Along the way Mija and Okja cross paths with a group called Animal Liberation Front.  You can probably figure out the rest from there.

As I said before  this movie was well hyped to me. First I'll say that it was pretty good but damn what a downer.  I mean, I get it, the meat industry sucks but fuck man I like steak and bacon.  I was thinking lab-grown meat was the answer but now I don't want them to kill Okja.

Tilda Swinton was creepy as ever as the leader of the family run GMO company while her character was trying to be the non-creepy one in her family.  Her plan to make everyone love the Superpigs was the main reason in my opinion that it would turn people off from eating them.

Jake Gyllenhaal's character was a total weirdo too. Washed up wild animal TV show host guy, turned spokesperson for the Superpig project.    I dont even know what to say about his character but I think he played the roll slightly creepier than maybe they had written it.  It works I guess. I worry that Jake may have gotten into it way more than he needed to.

It had good action sequences while keeping a general weird vibe throughout most of the of the movie.  Mija was cute and a total badass.  The one thing that bummed me out was the pretty down-your-throat PSA about the meat industry.  I felt it cast a shadow over the rest of the movie as too much of a focal plot point for me.

Try to not say "Okjaaaaa!!!!"  over and over after you see it.