Jul 11, 2018

Garbage People of America

And I'm not necessary talking about Trump supporters. Well who knows maybe. 

So I come out of the grocery store and there's a woman in a minivan stopped right behind my car waiting for a parking space. But I look to see how ready the people in the space she's waiting for are. People holding up parking lot traffic to wait for – or worse follow people walking to their car is already a pet peeve of mine so when I noticed that there was an empty space between my space and the one she wanted, literally right next to the one she was waiting for, which also just so happened to be the front space,  I was just extra fucking irritated.  Now not only is this bitch being a greedy piece of shit and has to have that coveted front space, she is also making me wait to back out of my space.  I almost just pointed to the empty space right next to the one she was waiting for and said 'just park there' but I didn't because, fuck dealing with idiot people.  I did though do a bunch of double takes at her and the empty space whilst doing a bunch of head shaking.

This type of shit, people being garbage. It's what's wrong with a lot of this country.