Oct 31, 2009

happy halloween fuck faces!

here's my jack-o-lantern i carved last night.

sorry for the lack of photofriday action. I really have no excuse. also in case anyone cared, kittens are doing well in the polls.

Oct 27, 2009

Eat Shit.

photo goodness on a Tuesday night.

I turned 33.

ok fuck you. good night.

Oct 16, 2009

Taking you to the edge!

If there's a Hell, it's being tied in a chair forced to listen to loops of every 90.5 KHVS station I.D. and public service announcement for all of eternity. Fuck, those kids are lame.

here's some pictures.

Pay Inside?

there really isnt an "Inside"

my citay by the bayee ayee

Mi Fuckin' Pueblo

remember when vans had cool paintings on them?

3 kids and a fucking chicken. they put their fucking chicken on there!!!!

Lipshok, live at the Time Out. we had to play after this force of metal.

imystery depot

watch out for men shooting red lightning from their chests.

I need underwear that says this on it.

oh some that say that too!

mmm, golf shop? no?.. uhh window repair shop? no?.. shit, um pet shop?
fuck, I give up what is it?

Pa turned 81.
sunsets rule.

I have a ton more kitten pictures but I'm not sure everyone want's to see em anymore, so please let me know in the poll below.

are you ready for more kittens?
YES! I love kittens!
NO! I am so sick of your damn cats i wanna puke
I plead ALF.
pollcode.com free polls

also, Soundgarden was pretty good. I was too busy listening to Death Metal to appreciate em back then.

Oct 9, 2009

Pfoto Pfriday & Pfun!

Pfucking 'Pf' words! WTPF?

anyhoo we're back with another editon of pfoto pfriday. I hope you like it.

halloween BG for blackberry.

WTF!!!! dog snuggie on the commercial.


coors lite?

rocko's gonna get a trucker tan

fake spitfire shit in the vending machine at MiPueblo.

playing with giant fuzzy spider.

san fran

lap of doom

i hate home depot.

Hi can I take your name.. "its KIRK" "CURT? ok" then i watched her write this. Curg? is that even a name?

holy ass fuck!!!! they're real! Dog Snuggie at Walmart OMG!!

Have I told you guys how much I hate these things? Oh how cute you have 7 kids, and your driving a Rav4. I hate people.

Hey look, a lady making out with a mango. that's hot. Put some picante powder on it.

Carrows. Martinez. Saturday night. I guess these 6 old guys show up to the bar at Carrows, set up the Karaoke gear and proceed to bombard the patrons with ballads from the 40's and 50's until the place is empty. They're like the Karaoke mafia too cuz I didnt see anyone else even attempt to go up there and sing a song. It's not like they have Like a Virgin or anything you'd actually want to Karaoke.

oh yea, Sara ordered a beer at Carrows and the guy brings her this. Dead serious he asks if there's anything else he can get us.. I replied "How bout the rest of this beer?" he went on to tell us that the tap was messed up and that's all the beer he could get from it, and offered her any other bottled beer at no cost... oh, he was making a joke. what a loser. man up and tell those geezers to take their post-war era music somewheres else, cuz their scaring off the customers.


Ok you Pfuckers, that's all the Pfotos I got Pfor you today. Have a Pfantastic Pfriday.

Tues and Wed there's supposed to be gnarly weather. Good thing I cleaned out my rain gutters!