Oct 2, 2009

New Phone Friday Photos

So as you all know I've gone and gotten myself a new hand-held mobile device.

here's the first batch of pictures with it. enjoy hella pictdom.

here's some screenshots of different wallpapers and themes I've been messing with.

random pics... you're favorite!

feeling lucky?

Diet Jolt? sort of defies the purpose right?

who's that hansom devil?

I really think there should be a whole day course on the theory of merging in traffic before you can get your license.

some bullshit on my desk.

are you ready?.... KITTENS!

ok back to the random pics

Tim Brauch memorial skate competition. Here's some pics of the most non exciting skaters of the day.

this may or may not be Chris's turd.

Bar band. ugg.

Here's some pics of Jer & Stephs wedding I was in. We sweated alot.

this is a caricature I did of Jer for the wedding slide show.

ok more random.

I hate football and I think this rules.

Damnit Disney, stay the fuck out of the one holiday i have left.

And last but not least, some more UMF photos from the archives

so young and svelte.

David Letterman is a pimp. bye!

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