Mar 3, 2010

they said there would be answers.

So what answers did we get from this highly teased answer giving top secret no-preview having episode?

not a damn thing.

I dont care who is good or evil or why so-and-so has to do certain things.. or what inner-self crap they have to figure out.. or who is dead or isnt dead...

I just want to know how all this crazy effing crap is possible... That's what all of my curiosity was about from day friggin one.

I dont care about all this spiritual mumbo jumbo. please tell me what the heck the stupid island is so I can move on with my life.

When this show ends and we're all disappointed and nothing that we were really curious about gets answered and it ends up being something really stupid and cliche...which it most likely will....

I think it will be fodder for all the LOST naysayers and Jimbos out there. People who said this show was a waste of time will be vindicated.

For 5 years I've been countering with "no it's smarter than that" ... "it's such a deep show" ... "there's more to it than that"

They're all gonna laugh and say I told you so.

damnit LOST, dont make me look like an idiot. Make it so that people who never watched it will want to get the DVD's when this season is over because the ending was so awesome.

And last weeks episode with the magic fucking mirror. That shit isn't an explanation of anything it's just another stupid impossible confusing plot device to help wrap up this show with magical religious inner-self bullshit.

Ans who the fuck is Jacob anyway? who the hell cares?! none of the characters should anyway. The island is insignificant to the rest of the world, people can leave. They did! The only reason anyone went back is because of petty personal reasons. "I have to save _________" cry baby shit. YOU MADE IT HOME, CALL A FRIGGIN NEWS PAPER AND TELL THEM ABOUT IT. who cares, anyone else who dies is collateral damage as far as I'm concerned.

And if you end up on a plane that mysteriously crashes back on the island, then you can call it fate, destiny or whatever .. when you get back to the island, THAT's when you find Jacob and torture his ass until you get answers. I HATE THIS FRIGGIN SHOW!!!!!

I mean, I really love it, I've devoted 5 years to it and I just want a pay off. The writers keep teasing but never deliver. Just don't make me hate you forever.
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