Feb 27, 2010

Some Photos and Stuff.

I know I'm like forever late with it, but hey, you know, like... I've been busy.

There will be no pony ride...

new theme thingy. my drums.

another theme and 666 unread messages!

picture of meg taking a picture of Frankie


our gay kitties

hellova roll back walmart. 4.28 is a lie

pizza goiter!

poop POV


SATANIC CHIPS!! we should rename these Reagan Enchilado
Mt.Diablo joke

the seals came back

...says scuba steve.

straight up!!!

this is why i buy nuggets


Pamela said...

My husband saw your hot mustard dip photo and said, "No shit, that stuff's worth its weight in gold!"


Lauren said...

People who still say "straight up" annoy the crap outta me!!