Apr 27, 2012

I totally pwnd a stupid Nickelback fan on the internet. Now I feel awesome.

So a dude posted this picture on G+. Hilarious right? A few of us chuckled and joked, because Nickelback in fact sucks. My first comment was "The sad part is that guy was there to see the opening band.... Creed" But a couple people disagreed and tried to defend Nickelback and started spouting nonsense about the constitution giving them the right to say what they wanted about their opinions.  "because it says in the constitution that you cant do things that effect the freedom of others" WTF?

Then he said..."if you dont like it dont listen to it" My response was "Knowing they exist and that there are enough people with horrible standards for music that this band got popular is what makes me feel the way I feel. Turning them off doesn't change this."

There was a bunch of back and forth with this guy and a few others supporting the fact that Nickelback sucks. I bit my tongue and stayed out of it because I knew I would just go off. But then they pulled me back in. 
"Nickelback is mindless noise fed to you by the music industry. It's very simple in arrangement which makes it easy for the masses to listen to. They have a cheesy cliché rock image which the simpletons eat up. There is nothing of value. This isn't an opinion. It's fact. The fact that you like it just makes you someone who is easily amused. There is nothing wrong with this per se but it is a microcosm of the ultimate dumbing down of society. Which is probably why you don't understand that the constitution doesn't say you can't do things. It says that the government can't tell you that you can't do things. The Constitution does not give you rights. The founders considered your rights to be "God-given" or "natural rights" — you are born with all your rights. The constitution does, however, protect your rights by: Limiting the powers of government by granting to it only those specific powers that are listed in the Constitution; (This has not proven to be effective oflate.) Enumerating certain, specific rights which you retain. These are listed inthe Bill of Rights - Anyway this is why Nickelback sucks."

That wasnt clear enough apparently. 
He countered with: "It's still your opinion. Only something that can be scientifically proven can become fact. Since the subject is about belief, it is merely opinion no matter how many words you throw at it. I think they are a really good band that have really good, meaningful lyrics. That is why i like them. So i guess that's it. We have discussed our opinions so there is no reason to argue :) "

Then I got all deep. 
"No I pretty much proved they suck. You can add most of the top 40 in there too. It's more product than music. But rock acts like Nickelback are all interchangeable. They aren't groundbreaking in any way. You may like the sounds they make and the words they sing but it's because you're supposed to. Just like you're supposed to like the taste of cola cola. It's sweet and bubbly but it's still horrible for you.  It's this knowledge that allows you to make the decision to continue to be a victim of the machine or stand up and realise what the fuck is really going on. So with that being said you should be able to say that despite the knowledge that Nickelback, britney Spears, creed, Kanye, Taylor Swift etc are totally the suck... You still like the mindless sound products they produce. Just like while I know coke rots my teeth, I still drink it because I enjoy the bubbles and sweet cola flavor." 
That pretty much shut him down.

After that it turned into a conversation listing music that didnt suck. It reminded me of the list of my Ten Albums I'm Still Not Sick of. (in no particular order) post from a few months ago. That inspired me to create a playlist to go with that list on my new favorite music app/site 8tracks. Check out the playlist below and check out my 8tracks page for more mixes I've created.

Apr 6, 2012

Great Fast Food Movie Moments

Here's some of the best [that I could find on youtube] Fast Food movie moments. Why? who the fuck knows I was bored. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Coming To America

 Waynes World 2

 Super Troopers

 Dude Wheres My Car

Demolition Man

Pulp Fiction 1: Royale With Cheese

Pulp Fiction 2: Big Kahuna Burger

Pulp Fiction 3: 5 Dollar Shake

Harold & Kumar

American Beauty

Half Baked

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Critters 2

Big Daddy


and my personal favorite....
Falling Down

If you can suggest more [and they are on youtube and allow embedding] let me know.