Apr 6, 2012

Great Fast Food Movie Moments

Here's some of the best [that I could find on youtube] Fast Food movie moments. Why? who the fuck knows I was bored. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Coming To America

 Waynes World 2

 Super Troopers

 Dude Wheres My Car

Demolition Man

Pulp Fiction 1: Royale With Cheese

Pulp Fiction 2: Big Kahuna Burger

Pulp Fiction 3: 5 Dollar Shake

Harold & Kumar

American Beauty

Half Baked

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Critters 2

Big Daddy


and my personal favorite....
Falling Down

If you can suggest more [and they are on youtube and allow embedding] let me know.


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Ecommerce Consultants said...

This movies sure are a hit not only to the box office but on my chills as well.
Love to watch them many times.