Oct 5, 2011

The Road To Trash Town

So. You know all the trash on the side of the freeway? All the random debris. I, like most people I'm sure probably just chalk it up to people being rude slobs throwing shit from cars. I'm sure there's plenty of that but I think the majority of it is from something that I saw the other day.

As I got on the freeway going to work I pulled on behind a garbage truck. A regular ol' residential garbage truck. I heard the sound of what I would describe as dirt or large dust speckling my (brand new) windshield and I, concerned, looked to see what it was coming from. Obviously the garbage truck.

So I slow down and make some more distance between me and the dust mobile. Then I start to see larger objects silhouetted in the sunrise coming from the top of the trash compactor section of this trash hauler. Some came into view. I started to recognize shapes. That's office paper, hmm those are recipts. More papers. A hunk of Styrofoam whisked into the wind. More small miscellaneous flotsam. Then something large started shaking lose near the rim. "Is that a..... " a fucking show! It came lose. I watched as a size 11 hi-top Nike cross trainer tumbled across 2 lanes then rested on the shoulder next to the barrier.

I then found my way and passed junk thrower thinking what the hell else flies out of those trucks on a daily basis? Is this where all the shit on the side of the road is? Probably.

I wonder if they usually have more secure lids and this one was just busted? Probably not.

So while people are still filthy slobs, i blame most of the mess on dump trucks.

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