Oct 7, 2012

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Sucks

Yea I said it.

I'm finally trying this Five Guys burgers place. Even though I'm getting burnt out on In-N-Out, I have my west coast loyalties to uphold. I honestly don't know what all the hype is about, but it's clear where the financial success comes from.

The burger was good. But good in the same way a burger at a family bbq pick-nick is good. I feel like I've had this burger 1000 times already. Everything seemed like you could go to Safeway and buy it and make it yourself for like 8 dollars cheaper. Right down to the normal Reynolds wrap foil wrapper. If this burger came off a hipster food-truck and had something distinguishing or  special I still wouldn't expect to pay $7+ for it.

So the hype, here on the West Coast at least is that it's not In N Out, although it looks like one with the familiar red and white 50s decor. But the food isn't special... At all.

I think the main reason they're making a considerable amount of profits is because of the generic  ingredients and unbranded foil wrappers, plain brown bags and Costco napkins  that they charge an arm and a leg for. Can you say instant profit? It's actually a genius business model. Make people think that because it tastes "just like mom used to make" that it's chic and worth $10 for a burger. I wonder if you give em $1.00 extra they'll write your name on the bag?

I'll take In-N-Out over Dad's birthday party cookout hamburger any day. Because it's something that you just can't duplicate.  In-N-Out is simple but it's got something special.

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