Sep 12, 2018

I took a stab at a weird r/writingprompts

After years of violence and surges of urban gang activity by the infamous 'Cereal Gangs" in the year 2439 a mandatory ban on natural sugar and sweeteners went into effect to try to curb this violence blamed solely on sugary breakfast cereals .  As planned the sweetened breakfast cereal industry amongst others crashed hard.  The violence waned but the city-centers of the planet entered a deep sadness.   It took underground food scientists 12 years to develop a new artificial sugar additive to bypass the ban.  Of course a development such as this came with great resistance from  the overlords of the Planetary Sustenance Consortium. After months of heated protests from the underground science community and their supporters, known as Sads, it was finally cleared by the PSC . Once this new chemical compound was readily available it started to show up in products that hadn't been seen in over decade.  One product that surged to popularity was a fruit flavored breakfast cereal Trix.  Trix was controversial because the Trix gang was thought to be at the center of the Cereal Gang problem which began nearly 20 years prior which many blamed for the sadness they'd all suffered through.

The Trix release was fairly benign at the beginning but on the day of the 20th anniversary of the sugar ban a man  enters the pages of our history books.  A name none of us will ever forget,  Peter Cecil Enzinger. Enzinger was an opponent to the PSC's decision to approve the new artificial sugar compound. On 15 March, 2459 Peter donned an antique rabbit costume, which was the historic mascot of the Trix brand, and moniker of the gang. He casually walked into a crowded sustenance station that had been the first to offer the new Trix Cereal and exploded a home-made plasma reaction bomb killing himself and an estimated 62,000 innocent people.

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