Feb 18, 2019

The Trash Cans of Disney

I went to Disneyland and California Adventure last week and took a bunch of photos which you can see on my instagram @kirkiscool.  But during my time there I was noticing something that many probably don't really spend much time on.  The trash cans.   Each "world" or "land" has its own design along with special themed cans for different major attractions and even different designs for the non-specific areas. I had been noticing them about midway through my second day there but didn't start taking photos until my last day and unfortunately missed out on some of the cans from a few rides and parts of the park we didn't get to on the last day.

I did some research and apparently each trash can has to be 30 feet or less from the next one.  This was a number that Walt Disney himself came up with when designing the park while eating a hotdog.   I also learned that you'll never see a cast member emptying a trash can because, get this, there's a tube under each one connected to an underground trash suction system.  Crazy. Can not confirm if this is also true for California Adventure.

Here's what I got.

Can in the plaza between the entrances of both parks and the can near the tram to the park. 

It's a Small World variants. 



Two different Radiator Springs Cans.  The RS can was near the Radiator Springs Racers ride. 

Two color can variants of the Hollywood Land trash bin. 

Variants in Toon Town. 

Different colored cans for Paradise Gardens. 

Subtle difference here. On the left is a blue vinyl cut decal. On the right is a rectangle with a white background. 

Two different Grizzly Peak cans. 

Two different Pizza Planet cans.  

Parking garage and Downtown Disney cans outside the park. 

I have to mention that next to just about every one of these there was a matching recycling bin but I didn't include them here. Most of them just had the same Jiminy Cricket decal on them or were the same design that just said recycle instead of trash.  Bummed that I missed out on quite a few I saw from the Disneyland park in my previous days there.  I hadn't been to Disney for almost 20 years so I could say I'll get more next time but who knows when that will be.  

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