Aug 28, 2009

Blog Blogity Blog.

Fuck that fucking fucker in Antioch who kidnapped and totured that girl all those years... also, here's that photo friday you've been looking for.


Can you say... BACON Cheese steak?

this is my new band for 2 days. we have a show at Blakes tonite, 8:30. be there.

sky niceness.

best band name ever.

cute overload!!

is that like a detachable penis?

Metallica put Speed Metal on the map. Who did this?

ok I'm officially unemployed again. so, if you know a guy who needs a guy. ..

Aug 22, 2009

Photo Briefs

It's late, and not so extensive. more kitten pics too, sorry.


Parked in the $8 lot today en lieu of taking the FART train. I even stopped at starbucks and it took me 16 minutes. the commute home sucked tho.

work work work
I do a lot of this.

say that 5 times fast

also, Sara got wasted last night. Have a great weekend.

Aug 17, 2009

photos. you know, a couple days late.

boom shakka lakka boom. my life isnt quite as routine as it once was. and since my internet access got shut down at work i cant do the noggins.

kitten street gang

whoo hoo sounds fancy. sign me up.

my painting, he bought it, and bolted it to his prius

mmm bite size balls.

ok so despite the shitty photo, this is a so-called TacoBell/Pizza Hut. but by looking at the decor, and especially the menu, I'd say this is just a Taco Bell, that sells some shitty personal pizzas.
way to go douche bag, you ruined a perfectly good V6 non-hemi dodge charger. loser.
for some reason hanging out on train tracks doesnt seem safer than staying in the train, unless its burning or something. I'd stay in the cross-passage tunnel.

This Hunan Chicken tasted like Poonan Chicken.

This place is by where I work. It was on a Dateline show about Marijuana. It's a school that teaches you everything you need to know about growing and selling weed... legally!

they found the toilet paper.

Rocko watching TV

need some tampons? they're on the ground near the entrance of my office.

Bart didnt strike. yay

the dudes.

ok bye.