Aug 12, 2009

No, sir, I dont like it.

Mother fuckers. So, when I got up to get lunch yesterday the IT guy says, "hey make sure you save your work 'cuz I gotta restart your computer." "That's fine" I told him, I had my portable usb drive hooked up running some mp3's to listen too so I asked him if that was ok to have hooked up while he did whatever he had to do. He said he'd check. check? What? ok whatever.

When I get back with my lunch I open Firefox and hello... no fucking internet. God damnit. So I go and ask him what he did because my internet must have gotten turned off. He said "yea, that's what I did" UUUGGG! I lamented "dang, cuz I like to check my email n' stuff on my breaks" he said it wasnt his call. WHAT THE FUCK? I thought not being able to instal Flash player when I worked there in July was bad, now this? I feel so violated. It better not be just me because that's fucked.

I can't think of any time that I abused my internet privileges. This sucks dirty hobo crotch.

Oh and get this, he comes back and lets me know that he 'checked' and listening to music is ok. What is this, Nazi occupied territory? Thank you Mein F├╝hrer graciously for my privilege of music listenings.

Damn, I hope they dont find out I've been using 3 Splenda's in my coffee.


jimbizzle said...

WTF?! Where are you working now? You need to punch someone in the titty!

Anonymous said...

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