Dec 31, 2013

Mad At My Mad Stacks From Mad Stacks.......Yo

I just got an email from redbubble saying my shirt design "mad stacks" was flagged for violation and is being removed. I am trying to appeal it. If using a picture of Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse on Breaking Bad is a violation then I accept it. Begrudgingly.  But if one of the many copycats is trying to say that I stole their idea I'm gonna fight it. 

a quick google of "mad stacks yo" turns up a few versions of my idea.

But the thing is, there actually is a rip off of my design currently up on Bedbubble.(and other websites I'm sure) Also, the only thing they can cite me on as far as infringement is the likeness of Aaron Paul but there are many designs still up there that have Bryan Cranston and the other actors' faces on them. Just because my Mad Stacks design was making me 'mad stacks' someone actually noticed.  I'm all for following rules but I'm not for getting picked on for having a successful design. Especially when no one follows, or enforces those rules consistently.  

If you bought it from my redbubble store, thanks for supporting me and my work. For now, there's still several potentially bannable designs in my store that arent selling well enough to get anyone's attention. Buy some more so I can eek out some more stacks while they're under the radar. 

Dec 19, 2013

Hey Y'all we's all in the Tee Vee!

Breaking: A dumb ass hick on a show about dumb ass hicks said something dumb ass hicks say.  Shocking!

What is different about #duckdynasty from all of the other reality shows that make fun of idiots, is that it's main audience is comprised primarily of the same idiots they are making fun of. That's how dumb, dumb ass hicks are.  They should make a reality show about stupid  #murcans who watch that shit. 

A&E isn't laughing with you, they're laughing at you..  All the way to the bank 

Dec 17, 2013

Smart Watches...pffft!!

I keep hearing all this buzz about smart watches. Samsung's Galaxy Gear is the supposed new hope for a smartwatch that actually isn't lame.  Many companies have announced development of different designs and products over the years but they've all fizzled out. 

Just about every space or future sci-fi movie has some kind of wrist worn communication device.  As the Samsung commercial for the Galaxy Gear ^ reminds us, from StarTrek to Knight Rider they've all got some cool wrist watch that you can talk to or whatever. But here's the major problem with this idea... It's an old idea. Some of these fictional versions are concealing a communication device in a object that at the time was common for people to have.  It's an idea that was cool, when people actually still wore wristwatches. Watches are basically jewelry now.

Most people that are into new gadgets* have already put their Timex in the back of a drawer because *everyone carries a smartphone now.  Smartphones have replaced the wristwatch. It's a fact and there's nothing these tech giants can do about it.  Watches get in the way. A smartwatch will NEVER replace a 5.5" screen on a phablet.  It's just another thing to carry around.  Like ipods. They were cool until your phone could hold just as many mp3's and call people and go on the internet and play games. So, a watchphone is just gonna be another one of those things that are cool for a minute but then people realise they still have to keep their phone on them.  Just like tablets. Lets be honest, your ipad now stays at home for your kid to play with or for you to play scrabble while you sit on the couch. They are pretty much useless and cumbersome as a functional mobile device. Nothing more ridiculous than seeing people holding up a 10 inch ipad to take pictures at an event.

"Hey dumb ass, Down in front!"

So, what I'm saying is; No one wears a watch anymore. The screen is too small to enjoy. You already have a smartphone. No one is gonna really want or need this.

looking cool wearing Google Glass.
Google Glass is, in my opinion the path forward. Right now you'll look more stupid wearing Glass, than wearing a Galaxy Gear, but it's the real future of mobile tech.

 The way I see it, why do I need to wear a camera and a computer when I have one built into my skull already. Figure out how to access that shit and put it on the internet and you've got the real future of communication tech.

Brain implants here we come!

Dec 3, 2013

The Wonder Yearz

When I was in high school in the mid 90's when someone said 'in the 70's' it brought up a very distinct idea, nostalgia, pop culture and overall vibe.  To me a teen in the gay 90's it was just really old retro goofy 70's old people shit.
I just was thinking that to kids in high school right now the 90's is like their version of the 70's. My flannel shirts and metallica shirts are like bell bottoms and disco shirts to them. It's hard to think of Nirvana the same way as The BeeGees tho. There's a 70's disco guy halloween costume, but I cant ever see a grunge rocker halloween costume and have people get it.

The 90's did have a pretty distinct vibe all it's own but then I thought about the 80's vs the class of 2014's equivalent, the 2000's. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and I've lived through it as an adult, but I don't see much difference from 2004 and now.  It's all kind of a blur to me. But the weirdest part is thinking about teenagers looking back at 2001 like I did when I was in a teenager looking back at the 80's. 
circa 1993
circa 2003

Fuck I'm a geezer.  Get off my lawn you punks.