Dec 31, 2013

Mad At My Mad Stacks From Mad Stacks.......Yo

I just got an email from redbubble saying my shirt design "mad stacks" was flagged for violation and is being removed. I am trying to appeal it. If using a picture of Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse on Breaking Bad is a violation then I accept it. Begrudgingly.  But if one of the many copycats is trying to say that I stole their idea I'm gonna fight it. 

a quick google of "mad stacks yo" turns up a few versions of my idea.

But the thing is, there actually is a rip off of my design currently up on Bedbubble.(and other websites I'm sure) Also, the only thing they can cite me on as far as infringement is the likeness of Aaron Paul but there are many designs still up there that have Bryan Cranston and the other actors' faces on them. Just because my Mad Stacks design was making me 'mad stacks' someone actually noticed.  I'm all for following rules but I'm not for getting picked on for having a successful design. Especially when no one follows, or enforces those rules consistently.  

If you bought it from my redbubble store, thanks for supporting me and my work. For now, there's still several potentially bannable designs in my store that arent selling well enough to get anyone's attention. Buy some more so I can eek out some more stacks while they're under the radar. 

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