Dec 3, 2013

The Wonder Yearz

When I was in high school in the mid 90's when someone said 'in the 70's' it brought up a very distinct idea, nostalgia, pop culture and overall vibe.  To me a teen in the gay 90's it was just really old retro goofy 70's old people shit.
I just was thinking that to kids in high school right now the 90's is like their version of the 70's. My flannel shirts and metallica shirts are like bell bottoms and disco shirts to them. It's hard to think of Nirvana the same way as The BeeGees tho. There's a 70's disco guy halloween costume, but I cant ever see a grunge rocker halloween costume and have people get it.

The 90's did have a pretty distinct vibe all it's own but then I thought about the 80's vs the class of 2014's equivalent, the 2000's. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and I've lived through it as an adult, but I don't see much difference from 2004 and now.  It's all kind of a blur to me. But the weirdest part is thinking about teenagers looking back at 2001 like I did when I was in a teenager looking back at the 80's. 
circa 1993
circa 2003

Fuck I'm a geezer.  Get off my lawn you punks.

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