Sep 30, 2009


As long as I can remember my uncle and my dad would rave about this long lost burger of all burgers known as the Bonus Jack.

Well, be lost no longer. Jack must have gotten tired of my uncle Gordon writing him because like Jack himself, the coveted Bonus Jack is back.

Here it is in all of its smashed realistic glory.

Don't get too excited. Maybe back in the 70s this kind of thing was the cats pajamas but today in a time of over drippy pastrami teriyaki burgers the BJ (lol) is basically a Jumbo Jack with a big mac middle bun minus the onion & tomato, substitute secret sauce. Yes, I said secret sauce. I used to always order a Jumbo Jack substitute secret sauce but for some reason they stopped letting me. They would offer me a packet of secret sauce instead. What kind of shit is that? So I guess the "bonus" is one extra soggy bun.

Well, shit no more! Just order a Bonus Jack (for a limited time only) and toss the middle bun out the window, or keep it in and throw a middle finger in the air at McDonalds for thinking they own the rights to middle buns.

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Pamela said...

The clowns on that wrapper are scary.

JITB should bring back their old school signs...remember the gigantic three-dimensional clown heads?

Pamela said...

That JITB ad was fucking horrible! LOL!

Clowns are evil!