Apr 24, 2010

I'm not dead.

My lack of posting may seem like I am tho. Fucking Facebook,.

I watched the Blindside. meh, I want Sandra Bullock to play a villain in a movie one time. She's always so nice.

I also watched Inglorious Basterds. It only took fucking 6 months to get it from Netflix even tho it's been #1 on my queue since before it came out. It was not as goofy as I expected it to be. It wasnt bad but not worth the hype.

here's some pics.
$100 obo. works needs a little cleaning.

more blackberry Tour themes i made.

there's some crazy water ski/board/speed boat race thing happening at the marina.

some genius thought it would be convenient to have the returns AND check cashing all in the same line. I waited in an out-the-door line to return something. I was the only one in line returning stuff. retarded.

Melanie Griffith where did it all go wrong?

got full on ATTACKED by a swarm of bugs.


I think my car is cursed

I told you. it is now MINE!

wet more. lol
yin yang

we cant call it a Topsy Turvy, that's trademarked.... how bout.....


theres a swimming pool upside down on the ceiling of Cheesecake Factory. that place is way to fancy for it's own good.

I was in a fake jury for one of meg's school trials. these were my notes.

toilet paper roll - 0.

sexy bathroom.


ok see you in a while. I'm making tamales!!!

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