Apr 5, 2010

what the blog?

I swear I think sometimes this photobloggin' is the only thing that keeps me coming back to this blog. I blame Facebook.


Yea, I know it's Monday. I don't care.

new theme series I'm doing.

Giants theme I made for my BB.

tessa vandalized my desktop.

98 GrandPrix V6 block oops
not mine, but worth taking a picture of.

dad,meg, brian playing cribbage. I swear they just make up the rules as they go along in this game.

dad's spectacles

pretty good tangerine chicken. confusing name.

thumbs up!

this was at the mall. sad, lonely monster truck bus.

went to our first game of the year! so stoked.. I hate every other sport, so the off season sucks.


these plants looked like little hairy nut sacks.


something about monkeys in people clothes and little kids with mustaches that never cease to make me laugh

WC skatepark

nice clouds

top secret jam project.
this is the same as my very first ever skateboard. Someone left it at the studio... It will be mine.

/\ courtesy of steve. \/

NEWS FLASH: The ipad is still a useless piece of shit.Too big for your pocket, doesnt do enough to justify not fitting into said pocket.

next hour: ipad is selling like hotcakes.

later: overly defensive ipad owners lashing out to mask buyers remorse

tomorrow: I wish LOST would hurry up and be finished already.

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dstn pyn said...

That looks like an f-tight jam to me!!!!