Oct 24, 2010

Bruce Bochy's Band of Misfits - the t-shirt

I got interviewed for my latest shirt design by Hall of Very Good:

"Bochy's Band of MiSFits" Get Their Own T-shirt

In 1982, the baseball world was introduced to "Harvey's Wallbangers".

Seven years later, "The Boys of Zimmer" were born.

Starting Wednesday, the San Francisco Giants are hoping to do something the Milwaukee Bewers and Chicago Cubs couldn't.

Win. It. All.

Bay Area graphic artist Kirk Shelton is looking to capitalize on the nickname San Francisco radio station KNBR gave his beloved Giants. I had a chance to catch up with Shelton and get the story behind the "Bochy's Band of MiSFits" t-shirts.

HOVG: You're the designer behind the "Bochy's Band of MiSFits" shirt...what's the story?


You can buy the "Bochy's Band of MiSFits" shirt exclusively throughRedBubble.com. Or if that one doesn't float your boat...check out one of Shelton's other shirts HERE!

Thanks J-Slim for the idea and Shawn @ http://hallofverygood.com/ for the interview!

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