Oct 15, 2010

Legal Weed.

My thoughts on prop 19. I've not read it. all i know is what I hear on the radio and stuff but it seems like the natural course for it. I mean, if alcohol and caffeine are legal to buy anywhere why not weed? I know the dealers and shit are against this, well because they're gonna get Walmarted out of the weed game. That sucks I guess but its inevitable right?

Here's a couple foreseeable downsides to this passing, but I think its just a part of life in a capitalist country. Weedies are saying legalize it man, its good for us bla bla bla. Good for us how? Medically yea I guess but in that case, they can just make pills or cough syrup with the active medical ingredients from pot. All these losers with medical pot cards are gonna have to face the music and realize you arent really sick, your just a stoner...and the ones who are really sick need to hit up Walgreens with their prescriptions for weed pills. Not as much fun is it? And all the "its natural and better than cigarettes" people need to get real too. Right now, plants rolled up into zigzags or into a bong, yea that's more natrual and doesnt have all the additives that commercial cigarettes do but tobacco used to be a plant that people harvested and put into pipes. I think its fair to expect that if laws are passed to make recreational use and sales of pot legal then the major corporations will swoop in and turn joints into processed poison-laden mass produced weed cigarettes.

Positives other than the obvious, less drug trafficing for weed, less crowded prisons on weed charges, could be finally lifting the stupid Class A drug definition in federal laws and allowing the growing and exporting of Hemp for all kinds of things.

I dont even smoke weed so whatever. This is the shit i think about when I hear about this stuff.

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