Nov 13, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Reservation Fail

So like i love this place but tonight they are kind of pissing me off. We got a reservation for 11 people. As we sit we mention that were still waiting for a few of the eleven people in our party, the waitress says... not the hostess, not the person at the front who greeted us, not the person on the phone who we the made the reservation with and called 3 times, once to make the original reservation, again to add 2 extra people and again to say were running late, and at this point still there was no hesitation or indication of any problems with our reservation, but as I was saying, the waitress tells us "they told you that we have a large party of 30 coming in an hour and a half right? So you'll need to be done by then" -What the fuck is that shit? 

We wrangled 11 heads and dragged them out here from the 925 for this place we'd been talking up and now we look like assholes. You had 3 opportunities to tell us this information BEFORE we drove across the bay, and 2 more once we were in the building and after most of us are here the waitress drops the oh yea you have 90 minutes to order, and eat then GTFO bomb on us. 

Also, no separate checks, and since you're getting 18% tip automatically because we had 'more than 8', don't try and earn it. Fuck you. The speaker blasting Latin bass in our ear in the loft is awesome too. It's even better when you cram 11 adults into a table for 7. Like I said, I love this place but maybe never make reservations or sit in the loft again. Shit its after 9, let's see how they kick us out. 

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