Nov 15, 2011

Not So Ghetto Jack in the Box?

So now my beloved ghetto jack in the box, of which many noggin posts have been written has been totally remodeled. I posted before when they did a slight cleanup but this is like a total update. The parking lot was full, there was a line of well-to-do lunch break goers, and I did notice the hint of any illicit substance in the air fouling the aroma of deep fried tacos, seasoned curly and burgers being made after they were ordered. Not one scumbag asking for change next to the register. Not one argument between the staff and an unruly, ignorant customer. New chairs, tables and an actual counter where there used to be bullet proof glass.

They've really classed up the joint. It's great for business and for the Jumbo Jack enthusiasts of the neighborhood but it makes for boring stories not worth telling. Sorry noggin readers. I'm afraid the mountain spring of awesome ghetto jitb stories has run dry.

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