Dec 29, 2011


I hate having to tip. But for some reason super low wages have become acceptable and I'm forced to pay for your wages directly out of my pocket.

If you met the status quo at your job you shouldn't get a reward for it. This sends the wrong message and punishes the customer rather than tackling the issue with employers.

How are they getting away with paying their employees far under minimum wage? What if you went to the department store and after they rang you up they tacked on a optional 18% fee to supplement the cashier's $3/hr wage? You can refuse to pay it but an entire industry would rather guilt trip you than try to change an illicit practice of violating labor laws.

Can you write off tipping as a donation?

Does this make me an asshole?

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shanikias said...

To answer your question...yes! When you go into a department store, I guarantee you are not being waited on hand and foot by the cashier or sales do your shopping on your own. When you go into a restaurant these people bring your drinks, bring your food, bring you extra napkins, take you food back if you don't like it and get you more, etc. If you had to do that with every single table you worked you would expect some type of reward as well. It's not easy waiting tables and dealing with the customers every demand. I've worked both jobs and working in a department store doesn't compare!

Anonymous said...

you should tip 20% at least if your service was good. that is how these people make a decent wage to live off of. most waiters and waitresses get void paychecks from the tips they claim with the I.R.S. every night. do every one a favor and just tip your waitstaff at restaurants please. hope that helps you out. this is just one of those things that does not need over thought.

Kirk said...

Fuck that. Read my first paragraph again.