Dec 30, 2011

Tips for a Happier and Bacteria Free New Year

After you piss on your hands, or get shit particles on your hands from wiping, what's the last thing you touch before washing your hands? The sink faucet. So in theory that's gotta be one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom right? Strangely, it's also the first thing you touch after you wash your hands. Good job, you just touched the shit handle with your virgin hands.

There's new hands free technology that's been popping up in the last several years but I think it's implementation has been a little off. Here's my rundown.

*Electronic Paper Towels?* Pointless. Because the only hands that have been touching it are most likely freshly washed. I feel stupid standing there waiting for a paper to come out of a machine while my hands are dripping . The manual ones have paper towels ready to just tear off. Tear it off and go! Im drying *clean* hands!

*Automatic Soap dispenser?* While this may be the only step between bodily waste and the sink i dont count it because c'mon you're about to wash off whatever might be lurking there. And plus, it's fucking soap.

*Hands Free Flushing?* I can dig the hands free flushing, only because it's convenient. Sometimes while shitting it goes off prematurely and scares the shit out of me. Literally.

So business owners, if you're going to make anything in your public restrooms _hands free_ make it the sink. If anyone actually put any thought into it, as I clearly have done way too much of, they would see that, while its modern and neat, it's pretty pointless unless you're handicapped. But more importantly, unless you have automatic sink faucet, you aren't saving anyone from getting herpes or aids from the bathroom.

Also a can of Lysol next to the toilet will do way more good than those flimsy pointless ass gaskets.

Here's to a happy and cleaner new year.

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Mercy said...

That's why I always turn the faucet off with the paper towel after I dry my hands.

Anonymous said...

I discovered "hands-free" flushing when I was six. It's called my foot.