May 3, 2012

Christian Rock? Fuck You

In response to a guy looking for a drummer. Other than the Christian band part it seemed like a cool band idea.

-I don't believe in christian music. It's not a genre. It's some bullshit lifestyle label that limits the diversity of the lyrics. I play drums loud and hard but I'm very anti religious. I'll never understand why any band would want to single themselves out like that. Faith should be between you and your "god" not on a bumper sticker.

Then he replied with some shit about it being a post looking for like minded musicians. 

"Like minded"? if you could keep religion out of it. My old band played a festival that until that year had previously been a Christian music festival. We had a ton of people digging us until they asked if we were a Christian band. When we said no they were like 'meh'...

I learned the word secular that day.  It shouldn't be a thing.  Just be a fucking band. All the bands I've ever been in were nondenomiational normal bands. But we never felt like we needed to put it in our description of the style of music.

If you dont like people spouting on about their beliefs or lack thereof, then stfu about your religious bs description of the type of band you are . It's really annoying. Labels like that are completely unnecessary in this context. Be Christian be whatever. Just keep it out of band descriptions. Too bad if you would have just said "heavy band" you could have had a kick ass, drug/alcohol free, experienced drummer who has no criminal record and is in a long term committed relationship. But you had to go and label yourself and segregate potential prospects.

To this day I will never understand how something could completely take over every aspect of someone's life. 

Lol "Christian Rock" what an oxymoron. 

God Bless America

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