May 6, 2012

The Curse of 255 16th St.

It's Cursed
As some of you may or may not know, ever since I moved into my house there has been a dilapidated vacant house next door. I've written about kids from the near by high school sneaking into the back yard to do whoknowswhat.  And how I have to be the mean old dude on the block and constantly call the cops on them. (I get a secret pleasure out of it) and how for about a year it seemed like the happening spot to discard baby paraphernalia. Used strollers, cribs, car seats etc.  I think I narrowed it down to the crazy daughter of the guy across and two houses down. She is crazy. Another neighbor had a restraining order against her for screaming at his kids and dancing on his car in the middle of the night naked.  Apparently this all went down before we moved out here. But anyway, she had a miscarriage, which sucks, but for the first couple months we lived her we saw her pushing a baby in a stroller...we found out later that it was a doll. and that she was crazy. Back to the curse you all came her for. This fucking empty fucked up house.

The lady that lives on the other side of the cursed house likes to get all the 411 on everyone around here. She's like the E16th News Gazette. She told me everything you just read just a minute ago, she also knew the last tenants of 255. She told me just know...I know! after living here for 4 years she just now lays this knowledge on me... she said that the woman who lived there was a 77yr old who'd lived there most of her adult life. She died of cancer in the house. Her adult daughter moved in with her to take care of her before she died. This pissed of her deadbeat husband who ended up leaving her after the mother died. He was like "fuuuck you bitch stay there if you like it so much" (im paraphrasing) so in the wake of her mothers death and husband being a douche, she ended up offing herself with pills and booze a few months later. IN the house... curse!

The adult son now took over the property but didn't want to live there. He had a friend or someone he knew help him try to sell it. During this time the son died of what appeared to be a suicide but there was some suspicious circumstances surrounding it. curse! 

So then, a young adult grandson of either the daughter or son inherited the property. He decided he was going to fix it up and live in it (and sell and possibly make drugs which led to the garage burning down (hence the new section of fence I had to build to replace the burnt shit they left).  One of the first things he needed to fix was the plumbing. A good friend of his came to check it out. He looked over the pipes and agreed to help. He got on his motorcycle rode off to get supplies and had a freak accident and died from a broken neck at the end of the block. CURSE!!!!!!!!!   

No one has really been in the house since. It's been at least 5 years. A couple of cops came when the front door was open one time. I wonder if they are any of the cops that were killed in the line of duty a few years ago?  It's just too freaky to think about.

Every once in a while a guy hired by BofA will come and chop down weeds and board up windows. but this time the paper that is usually taped to the window says that its for sale.  I'd love to invite anyone to come and clean this shithole up so my property value increases .003 percent, but now I'm not sure if they will survive THE CURSE of 255 16th St.


Jess said...

You got too much time on your hands, you sick bastard...Come out here sometime we have no cursed houses in our hood....

John Petter said...

Thanks for the post.
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