May 30, 2013


I found these in my closet..  I have a whole stack of these proof sheets from my band's "official" photo shoot back in '01 or '02.  Probably the lamest day of that period of my life.  We were a band from Northern Ca, bay area. So obviously, shoot our album/promo photos in Jersey.. in the winter. We had a wardrobe van, and stylists... and makeup. man we got ourselves talked into some stupid shit back then.  Anyway, one moment summed up the whole day, and as it turns out, the whole experience of being on a major record label. As we were posing for cameras on a street corner in North Jersey under some bridge next to a tire shop a pickup truck drove by and as it passed the occupants yelled "FAAGS!!!"  .. yup, pretty much. we knew it but not as deeply as we would looking back 10 years later. 

This was the page with my solo shots. 

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