Jun 14, 2013

I love photo friday so much, I'm gonna take it behind the jr high and get it pregnant.

Hey I think it's about time for another old fashioned PhotoFriday.  Of course if you have me in your circles on Google plus you'd have seen all of these already. Here we go...

 I was kind of a cooking champion yesterday.  Here's breakfast.
I made some experimental Funnel Pancakes. Experiment was a success! 

Then I made a batch of Ground Turkey Green Enchiladas. Topped with jalapeno, black olive and cheddar cheese curds.

I like to give my mix CD's clever titles. I might have a thing for poop. I dunno.

I might have joined a punk band. 

I finally painted something!!  
"The God Helmet"  acrylic on canvas - 16" x 20" It's for sale if you're interested. 

In progress.

Rob Boss.

We took my parents to nature last weekend. 

Fern Canyon Humboldt Ca.

Vertical panoramic photo of the canyon.  That's my mom bottom left. 

A couple of weeks ago was the Annual Kinetic Grand Championships.  It's a grueling 3 day all terrain race from Arcata through Eureka to Ferndale.
Some pics from the water portion. 

They start out on land, in the Arcata Plaza. This one breathed fire!

All Kinetic Sculptures must be human powered. Usually made out of bikes.

Here's a video I took from the plaza

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