Jul 25, 2013

Cash Only - Please Rob Us.

Often, and very annoyingly we go to pay for our food, beer, or whatever and they say "oh sorry we don't accept cards, cash only" WTF? are you a drug dealer or a prostitute? Two years ago I could accept cards on my fucking cell phone, why cant a business do it? There is absolutely no excuse that I can think of.  Maybe several years ago, when there was no mobile card swipe apps, and the credit card companies would rape your ass with charges to accept cards, but to have a Square account that takes like 3% of each purchase is worth it for the convenience of your customers. Right? Who the fuck carries cash anyway? Also, you'd think cash-only businesses would be a nice target for robbers. Think about it, 100% of your purchases are cash... and stealing a drawer full of ATM receipts isn't going to buy you your next meth fix.  Not to mention, crooks know everyone in your line has dough on them to pay at your stupid cash-only business. I saw this article today and it got me thinking. 

Business Owner Wields Knife to Fend off Gun Toting Robber
Arcata Police Dept. Press Release:On Wednesday July 24th 2013, at approximately 6:15 pm, officers from the Arcata Police Department responded to the La Chiquita Taqueria in the 700 Blk of 10th Street for the report of an attempted robbery.  -LoastCoastOutpost

 La Chiquita Taqueria is a fucking taco truck. How many taco trucks do you know that take cards? Hardly any.  So I was thinking.. get everyone on Square or some equivalent of mobile card swipe technology. And just not accept cash. I'm not sure if it's even legal but if a place can turn away your perfectly good debit card, they can turn away your robber bait cash. "what about people who dont have credit cards or bank accounts" :-(   ... screw em, just like douche bag inconvenience  store owner turning me away for not hauling around my mad stacks of cash around with me.

Make it known that you don't take cash, and have no cash on hand..you'll never get robbed!

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