Sep 4, 2013

Photo Wednesday! (No camels)

Whats up September!  Here's a hump day photo fest. 

hung some new art for an art show. 

arting in the garden

new painting. 

photo for a painting i havent done yet. tweaked with #snapseed 

local landmark

foggy mornings here. 

crazy sunrises here.

we gots spiders too

won an art contest for tickets to see Cake! 

story of my life

scored some chairs to go with the table

moon action

cray sunsets too

my breaking bad wallpaper

culinary trip down memory lane. 

winning art piece

beach booty

faces in things

everything you like they discontinue. costco, if you're listening, bring back the gluten free cheese pizzas. 

unfortunately true.  honesty in journalism. 

hey whats up cat barf in the window. 

bones at the beach. 

escape artist. 

my adopted drums. I beat them as if it were my own. 

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