Mar 6, 2014

Your internet sucks. Because they can. Money.

"So how did America fall behind? How did the country that literally invented the internet — and the home to world-leading tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, Google, and Cisco — fall behind so many others in download speeds?"

I just came across this piece on The Week, Why is American internet so slow?  And of course I read it because WTF is up with this shit? It's a good read. Nothing shocking or unknown but it basically comes down to money and profits just like everything else in this country.

We deregulated high-speed internet access 10 years ago and since then we've seen enormous consolidation and monopolies… Left to their own devices, companies that supply internet access will charge high prices, because they face neither competition nor oversight.
Anyway it sucks and the rest of the world is laughing at us while they surf at 70mbps .  For more check out the article here.  - THE WEEK: Why does American internet suck balls?

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